About Us

The Bradford Wing Chun Martial Arts school has been set up to help spread original Wing Chun Kung Fu. Original Wing Chun is a practical, simple and effective style in itself when sticking to the principles of economy of motion and minimum movement.

“Anyone can ‘add on’ to a system, the hard part is to take away and yet still keep it pure.” (Ip Man)

The Bradford Wing Chun School is taken by Tim Halloran who has been training in Wing Chun for over 20 years and has studied various martial arts from an early age beginning his training in Wing Chun after meeting Sifu Colin Ward in the early 90's.

A member of The British Equity Stunt Register, Tim works as stunt performer and also runs an internet based business. You can see his page on IMDB here.

Classes are focused on teaching 'Chi Sau' which is the heart of this practical system. Chi sau can be likened to putting a fight into a game format. Forms are also taught and these are to be studied like 'text books' which teach correct form, position and use of energy.

For more information or to join the next available beginners course please see our contact us page.