Q: What is the age limit for younger members?

A: Due to the nature of Wing Chun the minimum age limit is 16 years old.  There is no upper age limit but you will need a basic level of fitness to train.

Q: I can't make the date for the beginners class. Can I join the following week?

A: If you miss the pre-set date for the beginners course you may be able to join the following week. However this will depend on numbers and if the course is full you will have to wait until the next one.

Q: I cannot make one week of my beginners course. Will this mean I have to start again?

A: If you are unable to attend a class during your beginners course make your instructor aware of your absence and you can rejoin the course the following week.

Q: How much are the class fees?

A: The beginners course is £40 and this covers your first 6 classes. Once you have completed the 6 week introductory course, if you wish to join the association, and are accepted, you will need to set up a standing order of £40 a month to cover all classes.

Q: What does this £40 standing order fee include?

A: This membership fee includes your insurance, classes and access to chi sau events.

Q: What is chi sau?

A: Chi sau means 'sticking hands' and is a training method unique to the Wing Chun system. Chi sau is the heart of Wing Chun and is basically a form of game playing which allows you to learn many fight scenarios in a comfortable and relaxed way. Simpy put, chi sau is a way of putting a fight into a game format to develop sensitivity, reactions, timing and distance.

Q: Can I pay by cash?

A: Cash payment is accepted and is £10 per class. However, the monthly membership subscription by standing order offers a cheaper rate for those able to train regularly. Regular training is by far better than an occasional class if you really want to learn Wing Chun.

Q: Once I set up a standing order am I tied in in any way?

A: A standing order is simply a regular payment set up by you through your bank. You can stop it at any time should you decide to stop training (please inform your instructor). This is not the same as a direct debit and there is no lengthy obligation. However, if you decide to stop training and cancel your membership you must cancel this standing order or it will continue to run.

Q: I can only make one class a week. Do I need to train 3 times a week during the beginners course?

A: How often you can train is up to you. You can attend the beginners course over 2 weeks attending 3 times a week, or over the course of 6 weeks attending once a week, or a combination of both. Fit your training around your other commitments to suit you. However, if you can't train at least once a week your progress will be very slow. The more classes you can attend the faster you will progress.